The Country - Dr Rosie Bosworth on the future of food

Food expert Dr. Rosie Bosworth says alternative proteins will rule the world in the future, though there is space for traditional farming in the short term.

Speaking with Jamie Mackay on The Country this morning, Bosworth, who has a PHD in Environmental Innovation and Sustainable Technology Development, said the world was heading in a “new direction” where the common link between animals and human nourishment would largely disappear.

Bosworth believes premium New Zealand meat will still have a part to play as a ‘niche product’ in the short term, but will eventually be discarded by the ‘new generation’ of consumers who support ‘clean food’ like the plant-based milk produced by her own company Evolution Meadows.

Click here to listen to Bosworth and Mackay discuss the future of food, how developing trends might affect the kiwi economy and the rise of celebrity-endorsed clean foods.