NZ Farmer - Another Waikato dairy farm infected with Mycoplasama bovis cattle disease


Written by Heather Chalmers

A second Cambridge dairy farm has been confirmed as infected with Mycoplasma bovis cattle disease.

Waikato dairy farmer Henk Smit confirmed that he was the owner of the second farm. He already had a Cambridge dairy farm with a herd which tested positive for M. bovis in May. 

Smit had farming interests in three properties around Waikato.

Smit earlier said the disease spread to his herd after he bought 240 autumn calving cows in mid-2016 from Southland farmer Alfons Zeestraten. The Ministry for Primary Industries has confirmed that Zeestraten's farm had the earliest known M. bovis infection.

A second Hawke's Bay sheep and beef farm near Hastings was also confirmed. The first Hastings farm, detected late last year, was now clear.

MPI said the two new North Island infected properties were discovered by the tracing of animal movements from previously known infected farms.

Infected properties total 38, with a further 11 cleared and able to be restocked.