Newstalk ZB - Federated Farmers push for committee to identify climate change obligations

It's hoped more than just the agriculture industry's obligations are figured out with the establishment of the Interim Climate Change Committee.

Federated Farmers says it would have liked to seen someone with practical farming experience included in the Committee.

Some of those on the interim committee include economics expert Dr David Prentice, former Meridian boss Dr Keith Turner, and agricultural greenhouse gas researcher Dr Harry Clark.

Federated Farmers is welcoming the committee but wants to see climate change obligations for all of New Zealand identified.

One task is to investigate whether agriculture should be added to the Emissions Trading Scheme.

But Federated Farmers climate change spokesperson Andrew Hoggard says having the first-hand experience of what will work for farmers is important.

"That ability to actually know 'okay here's a solution, how do we actually tie that into a farm system'.

"One will hope that they will feed into people who do have that knowledge."

Mr Hoggard says hopefully the committee takes global agriculture emissions into account.

"Just shutting off agriculture in New Zealand will lead to that happening somewhere else in the world at a higher carbon emission which doesn't actually fix the problem, it just makes it worse."