DairyNZ backs climate change commission

The Labour Government's introduction of a new six-member Interim Climate Change Committee earlier this week has been welcomed by DairyNZ.

The committee, which will be replaced in May of 2019 by an independent Climate Change Commission, will work towards achieving the goal of reducing New Zealand to net-zero emissions by 2050, with 100 percent renewable electricity generation by 2035.

Speaking with The Country today, DairyNZ's Senior Climate Change advisor Kara Lok voiced her organisations support of the initiative:

"Obviously Dairy NZ has been supportive of the framework the government's announced and the proposals they are implementing, so we're really supportive of the fact that they've set up this interim climate change committee, and we're really happy to see people like Dr. Harry Clarke, Dr. Susie Kerr, and Jan Wright sitting on the committee, because they have an excellent understanding of agriculture". 

Still, Lok did admit Dairy NZ were hoping to see someone with 'a bit more farming system expertise' included in the committee. 

The committee will be making a decision about whether agriculture should enter the emissions trading scheme, something Lok says Dairy NZ support, provided alternative options to the scheme are also evaluated:

"We're really keen to see the emissions trading scheme looked at in terms of what that means for us, but also hope the committee will look at alternative mechanisms that could potentially be brought in to address agricultural emissions."