Nelson Mail - River health at a point of no return

Zane Mirfin writes:

Water, water, everywhere, and not all of it pure.

Yes, New Zealand Inc. has come to somewhat of a crisis point in the environmental care of our nation-wide waterways.

Water pollution is certainly not a new phenomenon, and the issues and causes within New Zealand seem to have been like a slow-moving avalanche careening downhill at an ever-accelerating speed and growing at an exponential rate.

Being a co-founder of the Outdoor Recreation political party that began in sunny Nelson in 2002, it was an issue that we highlighted before the ongoing intensification of agriculture and irrigation during the past decade and a half.

And since that time it is an issue that has not gone away, and indeed will not go away any time in our lifetimes. In fact we haven't even begun to see the worst of the water quality problems yet as they will bubble to the surface over coming decades in a slow moving environmental train wreck of cause and effect lag-times.

Being an avid reader of local newspapers I've watched with interest over recent months as the issues with the nation's water become mainstream in the media and there is a lot of hysteria coming from both sides of the arena.

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