Stuff - Labour leader attempts to ease farmers concerns ahead of protest

Jacinda Ardern attempted to douse the fire before Monday's major farmer protest in her hometown of Morrinsville. 

The farmers' protest is planned over Labour's proposed water royalty. 

Ardern tried to ease the farmers concerns during Sunday's packed Labour Party rally in Hamilton. 

The Labour leader enforced her message that the party wants to "restore New Zealand's clean, green image" should they be in government next week, but wants it to be an effort made by everyone. 

"I think all New Zealanders are united in a single goal that we do clean up our waterways and we restore our clean, green image that's what unites us and I would like to see all of us doing our bit," Ardern said. 

Should they win Saturday's general election, Labour wants to install the Clean Water for Future Generations policy which seeks to charge large commercial users of water, with the royalties funnelled into river cleanups.

Labour said that it would put a royalty on water use for bottling companies and farmers using irrigation.

The revenue from the fees would mainly go to regional councils to be used to clean up the country's waterways, and some would go to Maoridom to meet Treaty settlements.

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