Stuff Opinion - What the All Blacks can teach us about water

Simon Lochhead writes:

What's the difference between the All Blacks jersey and our water? Not much.

They are both things we are immensely proud of; things we feel proud to have stake in.

But they are also both very precious and need to be looked after to ensure they continue to be strong in the future.

The All Blacks often talk of honouring the jersey. Players only have it for a short time, so it's their job to look after it and pass it on in better condition than they received it, adding to its legacy.

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How is that any different to how we should be treating our water?

Right now, it seems as though the issue of water quality in New Zealand is similar to when New Zealand was dumped out of the Rugby World Cup in 2007. People are passionate, confused, and angry.

The water quality itself is much like the All Blacks were – at a crossroads, facing a daunting situation.

Where to from here? Well, there are two options. Firstly, we could carry on with what we have been doing and hope it works out better next time. Alternatively, we could be brave, look inward, make changes, accept the challenge and improve.

Look at what the New Zealand Rugby Football Union did. They were brave. They re-appointed Graham Henry. The team took a hard look at themselves, accepted they had a problem, made a plan to fix it and most importantly of all, everyone came together to work as a team united in a common goal.

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