Bravo Fonterra says Federated Farmers

Federated Farmers climate change spokesperson Andrew Hoggard applauds Fonterra’s bold push to get to zero emissions of CO2 on the manufacturing side of the co-operative, both in New Zealand and across its global network.

"We await with interest to see what the contribution is that they will be making to reduce biological emissions. While we have some promising options under development to control them, there is a lot of work still to be done,"

"The science we are attempting, to reduce the methane produced in a ruminant’s stomach, isn’t simple stuff, and there is no guarantee that we will be able to achieve these options.

"Even if we do, we still face hurdles in being able to prove it at the farm level for carbon accounting."

This is not just a ‘New Zealand’ issue. Fonterra has made these commitments based on what it aims to achieve worldwide, in its global business, not just on-farm and in factories in New Zealand.

"New Zealand dairy farmers are the most emissions-efficient in the world. What we offer to the world, is the knowledge, experience and determination to improve.

"Kiwis should be proud that Fonterra and our country's dairy farmers are prepared to step up and pull their weight to tackle climate change.

"Before the election Feds challenged all political parties to further invest in research efforts to reduce biological agricultural emissions, so if Fonterra is going to put additional resources into this it would be good to see the government match that," saysAndrew.