NZ Farmer - Private high country land access a privilege, not a right

Pat Deavoll writes:

A few weeks ago, a friend and I had a lovely ride across a couple of Canterbury high country stations on our motorbikes.

The track straddled two farms, and we sought permission from both. The farmers were happy with us going through with one requesting we pay $10 per bike, and the other asking that we didn't post anything on social media as they didn't want to have a "rush of bikers" over their land. Fair enough.

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Forum - Let's crunch the facts and the debate on irrigation

The public debate about agriculture and its relationship with the environment was a feature of our 2017 general election and will continue.

A key issue at the heart of the polarised debate in our communities is the impacts of agriculture on waterways and water quality.

AgriView seeks to provide a perspective based on scientific research in the interests of informed decision making and public understanding. To this end we are going to commission background articles on the many issues which affect the social licence of agriculture to produce food security and wealth for our society.

This article was written by recent BA (EngLit) Honours Graduate, Tom McDougall.

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NZ Farmer - Dairy farmers clean up act in response to public pressure

Public pressure is working and Canterbury's dairy farmers are knuckling down and making an effort to improve the state of the waterways, says a dairy leader.

There has been a "significant shift" in the attitude of dairy farmers towards water quality over the past couple of years, said Mid Canterbury farmer Tom Mason, a member of the DairyNZ Dairy Environment Leaders Network.

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NZ Farmer - Otago University researchers lauded for world leading freshwater study

Otago University students and staff have set up a world leading system for testing freshwater in a "real" rather than laboratory situation.

On Otago's Kauru River, the researchers can test for a variety of indicators to see how freshwater ecosystems respond to multiple agricultural stresses, including high and low flows, the presence of pesticides, nitrogen, and phosphate.

They have also designed it to study what happens to the water under a climate warming scenario - a world first.

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