WATCH: Louis Davis - "Tutu, a solution to the feral goat problem"


Stoats, ferrets, or possums may immediately spring to mind when you think of New Zealand’s pests, but as Scotts College student Louis Davis explains, they aren’t the only ones wreaking havoc on our natural landscape.

Feral goats, found now in all three of our main islands, with population numbers estimated in the hundreds of thousands, are causing serious damage to native trees and plants with their tough horns, trampling hoofs and ripping teeth.

Current methods of controlling the feral goat population are either too expensive, logistically complicated or chemically hazardous. However, Davis believes he has the solution.

Click here to watch his presentation at this years Sir Paul Callaghan Eureka! Awards, where he makes the case for the mass planting of the toxic native Tutu plant as the most effective method of dealing with a goat problem spiraling out of control.